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Girlfriend Confidential: Eva Marcille Talks Love, Money and Staying Relevant


Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, October 08, 2012

Eva Marcielle LA

this month. I’ve had trial and error in my relationships where I prioritized work and the relationship suffered, etc. For me, it was about learning the kind of guys that really do mesh with my personality and my career choice. I’m still young, so I’m figuring it out. I don’t try to create anything negative or assist with anything that’s going array in my life. I try to keep all my relationships intact. My father had a stroke, so were dealing with his recovery. My family means everything to me.

EBONY: Do you support the idea of children and teens coming into the industry, or are you more fond of someone waiting a little while longer, after they've 'found themselves?'

EM: I think everybody has a different journey. Some people have the ability to be introduced to this business at a young age, and keep their wits about them. I don’t want children, but if there were a miracle in life where I had children, I would not allow them to play in this business at all until they are of legal drinking age. That’s just me. Growing up the way I grew up in South Central with three brothers, I was a little bit more prepared for the rigors of this business. I’d walk in or be leaving a fashion show and everybody is in the back doing drugs. Growing up in the hood, I’ve kind of seen that before. But for a girl who has not been around that? It could really rock her mind.

EBONY: I so wasn’t expecting that the legal drinking age rule!

EM: To each their own. Will and Jada [Smith] and their kids there in the public eye and they do a good job. Jaden did an amazing job in Karate Kid. I think Willow is the most adorable little girl ever. But in this business, once you’re in it, you can’t get out. Once you’re in, you’re in. Look at Keisha Knight-Pulliam. We knew her as ‘Rudy’ of the Cosby’s.  She went along to college and now we still see her on TV trying to make this thing work for her, because to be completely honest, she can’t go work for Renaissance hotel. She has to make this work for her.

EBONY: If Eva Marcille wasn’t an actress and model, what would she be doing?

EM: Eva Marcille Pigford would be a Supreme Court Justice. My hero in life is Thurgood Marshall---I know I’m a dork, don't judge me. I would be helping the disenfranchised people of the community. I've  seen the devastation of life when it comes to pleas, being falsely accused and just imprisonment our young men. So I would fight my butt off to  change laws and legislation to make this very unfair life for our Black men, a little more fair.

EBONY: I can see that, you seem to have the heart of a fighter. Can you talk about any upcoming projects you’ve been working on?

EM: Recently I was in a film called, Note to Self, which was released on iTunes. It’s with myself, Christian Keys, Latoya Luckett and Bryan McKnight. It’s a coming of age story about a kid who plays basketball in college and is just trying to figure out his life and to trying to make the right decisions. It’s about age and accountability. Obviously my Ciroc campaign is still going on.  Go get that premium vodka! And I have some very huge news about a new contract in makeup I’m working on, but I can’t let you know about that yet.

EBONY: Speaking of beauty, in every scene you are just on so on point with your hair, makeup and style. What is your beauty routine and signature style?

EM: Thank you! As far as my skin is concerned, cleanliness is next to godliness in everything, especially your skin. So whatever you put in your body your shows through your skin. I literally live to clean my skin. In one of the episodes, you probably saw me washing my face. That’s literally me five times a day. But aside from that I think with the fashion, it's innate. It’s a personal style. I remember when I was on 'Top Model' and after I won, Tyra came to my room and said, “girl let me tell you what you have that most celebrities don’t have…a sense of style”. I didn’t understand what she meant then.But I’ve learned from being in this business for a while that it’s definitely something that comes from within. The woman makes the clothes, the clothes do not make the woman.

EBONY: Are there confirmed talks about a second season of Girlfriend Confidential LA?  

EM: We are hoping and praying, more so for the fans. They are so upset [that] the season is over so soon.

EBONY: What authentic advice can you give

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