Eva Marcielle LA
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to young women who want to really make their dreams come true and how they can fill in the gray areas of insecurity?

EM: I would like to tell every single young woman and every young man, for that matter, that beauty is something that lies within. It’s created within your soul. It is literally your job, your duty to create beauty within, because that’s what brings it outside. You may see me and go “Oh my God your beautiful," but no, I’m happy. I’m a very happy person and I’m at a very good place in my life.  So for starters, we have to work on ourselves from the inside out. As far as the business is concerned, if your mind can conceive it you can literally achieve it. You can actually achieve do more than your mind can conceive.  I’m a firm believer in God and he said he’s going to “pour that out tenfold," whatever you can conceive. Just stay rooted in whatever your faith is. But I will also say when it comes to entertainment, it is only for the strongest of the soul.