EXCLUSIVE: Ava DuVernay Dishes on Making Black History at Sundance
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of weeks, we're going to announce our third film by another director.

EBONY: "Middle of Nowhere" is about a romantic relationship between a man who's locked up and a woman on the outside. Please tell us more.

It follows the story of one sister whose just lost her husband to incarceration. The film opens with a conversation between them about how they're going to proceed now that he's locked up. (The fllm explores) the decision that she makes and the decisions that are made for her and the woman she becomes and how she maintains this relationship as she holds onto her own personhood. We never go further into the prison than she does; it's from her point of view, so we only go as far as the visiting room. We walk through her life as the wife of an incarcerated prisoner. The prison industrial complex certainly hasn't been addressed cinematically by progressive people or people of color. I'm aware and knowledgeable of women who are waiting. Whether it be mothers or sisters or wives or lovers, it's an epidemic. But "Middle of Nowhere" is really about her inner life as she waits, as she struggles, as she tries to maintain this relationship beyond bars.

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