[EXCLUSIVE] Brian McKnight Doesn't Regret His X-Rated Song But Says He Wouldn't Do It Over

[EXCLUSIVE] Brian McKnight Doesn't Regret His X-Rated Song But Says He Wouldn't Do It Over

The notoriously romantic R&B artist shocked the world with a hyper-sexual ballad, now he talks exclusively with EBONY on why he did it

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, May 04, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Brian McKnight Doesn't Regret His X-Rated Song But Says He Wouldn't Do It Over

bring that up, actually…

BM: Have you ever heard a song that clever? That’s the thing. I think the shock value…initially I really had no idea—and I will preface this by saying that if I had it to do again, knowing this, I wouldn’t do it—but now that we’re here, let’s really talk about a lot of things, about the state of music, about Black music in particular, and let’s talk about sex. I had a radio show where we talked about this with women every night, and there were so many women calling in and talking about, "Yeah, I’m with this dude and I love him, but he doesn’t satisfy me sexually." So what do you do? Share knowledge? 'Cause I would insert things like, "sex is overrated."

EBONY: You said you wouldn’t do it again if you had the chance, why not?

BM: Because I never want there to be anything that’s negative, and I think that’s the artist in me that says that you don’t want to lose anybody. Now I’ve gained a lot of people too, and what you realize is that everybody has an opinion and then you also realize what everybody’s opinion is of you. Now I say that I wouldn’t, but we’re here now, so we can’t go back and take it back. That’s the beauty of the craziness of the Internet – once you do it, even after I took it down, people had already ripped it and posted it themselves. It shows you how people are.

EBONY: You had to be aware of how people viewed you before you made the song, right?

BM: No, I can’t, because all those people who have a problem are referencing my records from 13 years ago. They don’t even know that I’ve released six records since then. So if I’m really in your consciousness and you guys are really supporters of true R&B music, then prove it. That’s all I’m saying. So that somebody doesn’t have to go this route.

EBONY: Does this mean that you are going to go ahead and do an entire adult mixtape?

BM: No. No, I’m not. I never planned to in the first place. It’s just … society has shown us that the more outrageous of a thing that you do, the more you’re going to be in the consciousness of the mass public. I mean, who is the princess of America? Who is our person in America that’s as famous as the royals are in the UK? How did she get started?

EBONY: I get what you’re getting at. Kim Kardashian.

BM: Now, I’m not saying that that’s right. But this is what our kids see. They see … ‘now, I don’t need to be a doctor, I don’t need to be a lawyer, what I need to do is go do a sex tape and I will get put on. Everybody will watch it.’ Kim is … the most brilliant marketing person I’ve ever seen. Whether you love her, whether you hate her, she figured out a way to make it on her own and bring her whole family along for the ride. And whether you buy into it or whether you don’t, this is where we are and now, all of a sudden because I do something crazy, everybody wants to say that I’m the culprit, that it’s my fault? It’s crazy to me. But at the same time, I can probably go beat up my girlfriend and it would be OK.

EBONY: Oh no, don’t say that!

BM: No, no, no, that’s not what I’m saying. Listen to what I’m really saying. I will be forgiven for that. I will be forgiven for being on a video allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old and peeing on her and I will be forgiven if I’m bad, if I’ve already set the precedence of being bad. If you’re bad, you will always be forgiven, but if you’re perceived as good you can never do anything bad because they will crucify you. That’s the message that we’re giving our children: just be bad from the beginning and you can always do something good. I think that’s wrong.

EBONY: Do you feel like you’ve gotten beat up on unnecessarily?

BM: Oh no, no, no. I’m willing to take that, though, if there’s a solution that we can come to now. I’m willing to put my career on the line to say as loud as I possibly can that we have to stand up to the things that everybody’s saying that they want. If we support those things, then you always have an outlet for that. But don’t deny what I’ve done and say that it’s bad if you’re not going to categorically deny all of it. That’s all I’m saying.

EBONY: You’ve gotten a few interesting offers this week; one was to

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