K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

The 'Gossip Game' star says we haven't seen the last of her

by Makkada B. Selah, July 01, 2013

K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

K. Foxx

to be malicious and hurtful and they just have no idea of who I am or what my story is. That’s why it’s so important for me to do interviews like this. Because you go through so many things, and you don’t want to be a b*tch if you will and lash out but there are little girls who are looking at us.

One thing that I will say about it was that it was hurtful. Because the person that said it, my program director, is the one that hired me. And he brought me in and he knew that was not the truth. So why are you going to play with me like that? Why are you going to play with my livelihood like that?

EBONY: Why do you think he did that?

KF: I have no idea. I thought about it, constantly, and I can’t come up with any answers. 

EBONY: Were you two not getting along very well?

KF: I think that it’s a weird thing to work with your boss [on air] on a constant basis. We were working as a team--myself, Cipha and Rosenberg. Then all of a sudden we were working [on the air] with our boss. Our little [confrontation] was what was caught on camera, but I wasn’t the only one who got into it with him. Everyone did. It’s just an interesting dynamic that happens when you have to start working on the air with your boss.  How do you adjust? How do you not say certain things? How do you fall back? Because ultimately, what he says, goes. But when we’re in the studio and we’re all equal, we have a conversation; but when your boss is in the studio, how do you argue? [Which is what we do on the show.]

What they caught in the Gossip Game was a statement that I did not agree with. Yeah, a joke is a joke. We do that all the time. One of the things with that morning show was that it was a comedy routine because Cipha is really into comedy and people like to laugh in the morning. I get it. But there are certain things, as a woman, that you don’t play with, and that’s our sexuality, because we are perceived in so many ways. And that’s not one of the ways you want to be perceived, especially if you want to be taken seriously.

EBONY: Do you think he had a problem with you checking him on that?

KF: I have no idea, but at that point. I really didn’t care because I thought that if he did that once, then he would think he could do that again and again. So I had to put my foot down and say: I’m not cool with this. You’re my program director. So if you’re talking to me like that, how are other people going to perceive me? They’re going to think they can disrespect me. You’re supposed to be protecting me. This is your staff. This is who you rep for. You’re not supposed to talk to us like that. He belittled me and demeaned me. So I really, really took it hard. To the point where I felt like: Why did he hire me in the first place if he’s going to belittle me and demean me? It was kind of like a weird, sinister…..It was real sinister and evil and mean. It hurt me. That’s not funny. If somebody did that to your little sister or your mom, you’d go check them.

EBONY: So do you think that episode caused your relationship to deteriorate?

KF: I have no idea. I think that maybe he thought that I probably wouldn’t stand up for myself. And when I did he thought maybe I’m more powerful than he thought. I’m not going to be able to bully her like I bully everybody else. He figures he’s the program director/VP and I’m not going to say anything about his little joke. But yes I am, because I know my self-worth and I know what I did to get to where I am and “sleeping my way to the top” was not one of them.

EBONY: Do you have to kiss a lot of a*s in the radio industry?

KF: Definitely. It’s male dominated, and men love to have their egos stroked. And if you’re not stroking their ego in the way that they want you to stroke them then I guess there’s a target on your back.

EBONY: What has helped you to navigate as a woman in a field like that?

KF: My sense of humor. You can’t take yourself too seriously. Knowing my self worth. Knowing that I’m talented. Knowing that I add value to the situation. You gotta know that because men will try to devalue you a lot. But you gotta

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