K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

The 'Gossip Game' star says we haven't seen the last of her

by Makkada B. Selah, July 01, 2013

K. Foxx Speaks on HOT-97 Exit

K. Foxx

know, especially if you work hard, even harder than they do. You may be getting paid less, but you know in your heart and your mind that without you, they would be nothing. That’s what I have to remind myself of constantly, because if not, they’d be walking all over me.

I could be here today and gone tomorrow, but it’s the connections that you make in life  that define who you are and your relationships and your memories that build you and I can’t let my career dictate who I am. It’s just another element of me. That’s one thing that keeps me grounded as a female. You can’t believe the hype. Cause when the lights are gone and the microphone is off, you’re really just left with yourself to look at in the mirror and you’ve got to be able to live with yourself.

EBONY: What did you think about the final product of Gossip Game?

KF: There are definitely some other stories that could have been told, [such as]  the actual work it takes to get our jobs done. That’s what I thought it was going to be, but then it ended up being gossip about all of us. It was supposed to be about us and our work lives as opposed to our personal lives. It turned into a circus.

EBONY: There was the scene where you went to the spa with Ms. Drama. It impressed me how supportive of her you were. You said “You have an ally” and I thought that was a strong statement. Are you guys still friends?

KF: Yes, we’re still cool. Before Gossip Game I didn’t know her that well. She interned at HOT-97 back in the day and [the show] brought us closer because we were the odd men out. It was like a big mean girls club. For me, I didn’t care. I know my self-worth. But with Ms. Drama, they were really, really mean, saying mean and hurtful things to her. And that can kinda get to a person after awhile and I told her: You know what, let your personality shine. You’re funny. You’re hilarious. People really love that about you. So don’t dim your light because people are intimidated. And that’s one thing we can’t do. We can’t dim our lights because others need to put on shades. If you can’t handle it, put on your shades and keep on moving.

I think it’s important, us as Black women, to form these sisterhoods and bonds because you don’t want to go through this stuff alone. It’s no fun.

EBONY: There was a rumor out that the program director is considering Ms. Drama to put her in the morning slot at HOT-97. Did you hear that?

KF: I heard it. The rumors are ridiculous at this point. That’s definitely their decision to make. But Drama and I talk enough to where I’m sure if that were the situation, I would know.

EBONY: Would you do a second season of Gossip Game if there was one?

KF: Depending on the cast.

EBONY: Do you think you want to do radio again?

KF: I definitely don’t want to just limit myself to radio. I want to do radio and television. I want to be multi-faceted. But I definitely want to focus on my non-profit organizations as well, and giving back. Life is bigger than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West naming their daughter North West. They’re kids out there who don’t have any running water and don’t have any shoes, that are living in poverty. They have dreams too.

EBONY: So if HOT-97 is not the top, what is?

KF: I think the sky’s the limit. There’s so many things I want to do. I want to act. My non-profit organizations, Dream in Color and the     K. Foxx Princess Project are dear to me. If I didn’t have that outlet when I was growing up-- the organizations that exposed me to acting and dancing, I would not be sitting here right now. I could have been 5 kids, cracked out somewhere because of the environment I grew up in. I could have definitely fallen victim to my environment, but I chose not to.

Radio is cool, it’s wonderful. But if I’m not giving back and changing other people’s lives, what will be my legacy? That’s the top for me---giving back. That means so much more than gossiping on the radio.

Makkada B. Selah is a journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter.

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