EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Talks Single Ladies Season 2 and You-Know-Who Leaving

EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Talks Single Ladies Season 2 and You-Know-Who Leaving

The popular VH1 original series will be back soon! EBONY.com caught up with the show's leading lady who dishes on everything we wanted to know!

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, March 20, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Talks Single Ladies Season 2 and You-Know-Who Leaving

meet me there, get themselves there and I’ll rent a house. I’ll take a month off and go to Europe and then I’ll take another month off and go to Mexico.

EBONY.com: You mentioned earlier, that you have an affinity for dark chocolate men, but since other nationalities are approaching you, are you open to dating anyone and everyone now?

LR: Oh absolutely. I’m looking for a European man. If not, an Italian. An Italian stallion. Mmmm…

EBONY.com: Who’s your ideal man?

LR: Spiritual, powerful, established, successful and with all that comes wealth, so I don’t have to say that. He has to be giving, a family person. I’m very family. I’m like, pajama-party-style everything. And a cultured person … a person that likes to be well-traveled and diverse. I have traveled the world and I’m not done. I want somebody that don’t want no more kids. I’m cool on that. My daughter is 22.

EBONY.com: So, no younger men, then?

LR: No. I’m not into younger men. A couple of years younger, maybe, but I’m not a cougar. I’m not a panther either. But I’m not through with my man description! I need them to have an open schedule, because when you’re your own boss, then you don’t have to tell me about vacation days and sick days you have to take. When I want to go, I want to go. You know? And someone that is very understandable and very open-minded, because in my business you have to be. I don’t need nobody insecure. I need you to note that I’m looking for love and I want to love and I want to give that love away. I want somebody very honest and my best friend. I want the foundation of that relationship to be a friendship.

EBONY.com: What’s something that you would love for people to know about you that may not be so obvious?

LR: As hard as I am— or they think I am—I’m sensitive. Watching Whitney Houston’s funeral, a funeral has a way of making you reassess your life. You know what I mean? I was like, ‘Who gon’ be at my funeral? Did I put everything in order for my baby? Oh, I gotta do that.’ It just makes you do that and it makes you start caring more about the world that we’re in. You know? I don’t think people really realize that. Sometimes people think because I’m so hard that they forget that I’m a girl or they forget that I’m a daughter. It’s like, No, I’ve cried too.  I’ve hurt too. I’ve been cheated on too. I’ve been all of that. I’m a woman. You know? So they forget that.

EBONY.com: You’ve never been shy to talk about the ending of your marriage …

LR: Oh girl. I came back and my assets were frozen. I hadn’t got a divorce settlement nor alimony and I just came back like Tina Turner, just with my name. How did I get here? From a fairy tale to a nightmare? My house was protected, because my house was in a trust in my daughter’s name years before. But after sitting in my room realizing what point I was at, it was like, OK, no is not an option. My daughter will not see me squat on this floor crying any longer. What’s the plan here? What can I do? And that’s when the business side of me said, If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Reality TV. Everybody wants to know about this story, they keep writing what they think happened, let me be able to tell ‘em, because you need to hear that story from the horse’s mouth and I’m that horse. And God has a way of putting you on your knees when you go through things to make you remember who to give the glory to and the thanks to and I forgot that I was just living. It was nobody but God that got me through it. I like what he taught me, and I like what I’m learning now, and I like the process of how I’m moving forward with faith. I’m not worried about anything anymore. I’m not hyperventilating, stressing the hell out. I’m not doing it, it’s not worth it. You know what I mean? I like to live too much.

EBONY.com: Stacey Dash isn’t on the show anymore and Denise Vasi is the new girl. What’s it like working with her?

LR: We don’t have a lot of time to be able to find our chemistry or our relationship. We’re on the set 16 hours a day, every day. So it’s really about when we get here, we’re in hair and makeup, we may say, ‘Hey, hi,’ whatever, but a history of a relationship I can’t really speak on it, because we’re finding it as we’re doing

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