EXCLUSIVE: LisaRaye Talks Single Ladies Season 2 and You-Know-Who Leaving
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the work. So unfortunately it’s a little too soon for me to kind of answer that. She’s been wonderful; a great addition. She’s beautiful, she’s very kind. She’s stepped in and just made the tone of the set nothing like it was last year … I’ll say that.

EBONY.com: Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge?

LR: (laughs) Exactly.

EBONY.com: I like the new haircut. Is that Keisha’s new haircut for this season?

LR: I had nothing to do with this. This is Shanika, the woman who is over the hair department. She watched Single Ladies last year and she wanted to give Keisha a whole new look of pa-dow coming back. And when she told me about this and the layers and the color and the cut I said, Absolutely. We can have people wearing a bob all over again. I like it. And then I’m trying to stay brown, because I’m trying to stay in the sun. So maybe the highlights and my eyes and my tan will help me get a man.