[EXCLUSIVE] Read the First 2 Chapters of La Toya Jackson's Book

[EXCLUSIVE] Read the First 2 Chapters of La Toya Jackson's Book

The infamous Jackson sibling reveals of a life of shame and abuse by ex-husband Jack Gordon in the recently released paperback version of New York Times bestseller Starting Over. Sneak-peek a 22-page excerpt now!


by #teamEBONY, June 21, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Read the First 2 Chapters of La Toya Jackson's Book

LaToya Jackson is starting over 

didn’t handle the situation properly, and I hate to imagine the pain I caused Joseph. I was his little girl, and yet I wanted to leave his side, which was the only place he knew he could protect me from an industry that didn’t care for me as he did.

Around this same time, I had to go to Japan on business. Mother often traveled with me, when she wasn’t with one of my siblings, and she was supposed to go with me, but she couldn’t. Joseph was unable as well. Because Gordon had been working with Joseph for several months now, Joseph felt comfortable sending him to Japan to oversee my business during the trip. Joseph and I weren’t close then like we are now, and he didn’t know Gordon had taken money from me and masterminded the letter severing our working relationship. If he had, I’m sure he never would have let Gordon anywhere near me, and he certainly wouldn’t have sent him to a foreign country alone with me. Given what happened on that trip, I’m sure it’s a decision Joseph came to regret greatly. But at the time, it was business as usual. Meanwhile, Gordon had hit the jackpot, and he knew it.

Gordon called a meeting with Joseph to let him know how I felt, and that he should let me go from under his wing. To my surprise, Joseph agreed. He told Gordon that he could manage me, and he would stay completely out of my business. I was happy. I thought this moment was the beginning of my freedom. But, really, it was the beginning of the end for the La Toya Jackson my family, friends, and the world had once known.

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