[EXCLUSIVE] Tameka Raymond Speaks on Child Custody Battle and Trayvon Martin

[EXCLUSIVE] Tameka Raymond Speaks on Child Custody Battle and Trayvon Martin

The ex-wife and mother to Usher's two sons tells EBONY she's surprised the singer wants full custody

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, April 11, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Tameka Raymond Speaks on Child Custody Battle and Trayvon Martin

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or profit. It tells me that I'm doing something right to stay on their radars. It’s quite motivating and empowering. My neighbors are pretty oblivious to pop culture. My focuses are my family, my businesses, overall spiritual happiness. I am just focused on things that matter and the fray just simply doesn't.

EBONY: People who don’t know you spend so much time writing about you. What’s something that you think it’s important for people to know about who you are?

TR: I have a very, very dry humor. I make light and make jest of a lot of things, which is a form of keeping my sanity. You know what I mean? There was an old adage: ‘I was complaining about my shoes until I met a person who didn’t have any feet.’ So it kind of keeps whatever obstacles I’m going through relative, it keeps them in perspective.

EBONY: That sounds like medicine for when things get harried…

TR: Exactly. I just start laughing. But you know what? Twitter is my only vice. It’s kind of my only outlet. I like it because I virally meet people that have shared experiences. And even though I don’t always speak on exactly what I’m going through—they will have read whatever— and I get so many encouraging messages, and it actually has been good.

EBONY: You entered into this world when you married Usher. And there isn’t a blueprint for what you’re going through now …

TR: There is no manual. I look at people who try to jump into the celebrity life, and I always give them a disclaimer: be careful what you ask for. I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I hate actually even using that word next to my name or anything. I’m not. I married one and it’s just been a whirlwind of good things and bad.

EBONY: We’ve talked about the bad. What’s one of the best things to kind of come out of it?

TR: My sons. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world, any of my pregnancies or any of my sons. They were all great. They are huge rewards, they really are.

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