"Fair Use," Al Green and President Obamaâs Reelection Campaign

"Fair Use," Al Green and President Obama’s Reelection Campaign

Why was Mitt Romney's ad spoofing President Obama's "Let's Stay Together" clip pulled down? Mark Anthony Neal breaks it down

Mark Anthony Neal

by Mark Anthony Neal, July 19, 2012

"Fair Use," Al Green and President Obamaâs Reelection Campaign

police every possible use of their content, but copyright law does not give them that power over the cultural landscape.  It never has.  And that is a very good thing.”

Perhaps sensing that their efforts to have the Romney campaign remove their ad, BMG today also requested that YouTube remove the original Associated Press footage of President Obama performing “Let’s Get Together.” The ordeal is just a reminder of how much digital technology and social media is transforming the traditional political process.

Mark Anthony Neal co-teaches the course “Sampling Soul” with Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder at Duke University which examines issues of Fair Use and Intellectual Property within the context of Black music.

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