âFor Colored Boysâ Stacey Muhammad Has Had Enuf [INTERVIEW]<br />

‘For Colored Boys’ Stacey Muhammad Has Had Enuf [INTERVIEW]

The filmmaker speaks frankly about post-incarceration syndrome and her popular web series humanizing Black men in the prison industrial complex

by Donovan X. Ramsey, October 18, 2013

âFor Colored Boysâ Stacey Muhammad Has Had Enuf [INTERVIEW]<br />

‘For Colored Boys’ directrix Stacey Muhammad

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was so important to me to have a full spectrum of Black male characters, so people can see the fullness of the experience.

EBONY: You’re now approaching the last episode of the series. What’s been the response, and what can they look forward to in season two?

SM: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. People can really go in on YouTube. They say whatever they want to, so I’ve really been happy with the positive response online and elsewhere. Mass incarceration is a tremendous issue with so many Black men and women attempting to navigate our relationships through this crisis, and what’s been most affirming for me is when people can attach the series to their own stories. We’re already working on season two now, and we’re definitely going to delve into post-incarceration syndrome much more and take the audience on a few more turns. What seems to be the case this season may not be the next.

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