Funky Divas: Bringing the WWE to Reality TV [INTERVIEW]

Funky Divas: Bringing the WWE to Reality TV [INTERVIEW]

With the first season of their hit show 'Total Divas' going strong, WWE's "Funkadactyls" AKA Naomi & Cameron (AKA Trinity & Ariane) help demystify the crazy world of wrestling

Kierna Mayo

by Kierna Mayo, September 06, 2013

Funky Divas: Bringing the WWE to Reality TV [INTERVIEW]

The Funkadactyls: Cameron (l) and Naomi

I are doing a very good job with sending a message that we are positive, strong, and very talented women. So is Total Divas partially scripted? How does it work?

AA: What you see is kind of what you get. You get a group of seven talented, powerful girls that are on there, but in our daily lives we all have our ups and downs. You see the life, even the glitz and glam, but also the struggle. Being in a competitive environment and just seeing— no matter where you come from or what your race are— there are only a few spots. It’s just amazing that the fans finally get to see what we do in our lives and see us in the ring and outside the ring.

TM: It’s real. From the time we go to sleep to the time we go home you are seeing our real lives. (kid 1): [whispers] In real life do you have any relationships with any of the superstars? Like like them? [If Mean Mother would let the kids watch Total Divas, they'd know this answer.]

TM: Yes, I am currently engaged to Jimmy Uso [a WWE star], he has a twin brother, they are a tag team. We’ve been together four years, we met when I first came in. We were in developmental together we were actually on the road together and started dating on TV. We have a great relationship and I love working with him and having him as a part of my life. (kid 1): [Slowly takes in previous answer first.] Well, do either one of you think you will win the Diva’s Championship in your career?

AA: Hopefully one day, that is the goal. (kid 1): Will you guys have action figures someday?

AA: We actually do have action figures that are supposed to come out in September.  Yeah, we have little green outfits on and it has a disco ball and we will be a battle pack together. I'll be the heavy here. I have to ask, knowing there is no other Black female tag team in the WWE, do you ladies ever feel racial tension? Not in the ring per se, but amongst fans. Do you feel like audiences divide themselves and their allegiances along racial lines or do you really sense that the WWE is a truly uniting kind of force?

TM: Actually, I feel that in the WWE everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed based on merit, and I think the crowd likes who they like. There are people that like us and there are people that won’t like us.

AA: I feel like, you know, the Bella Twins [who are mixed Mexican/Italian] have been around for a very long time. I also think too, that Trinity and I are slowly getting more fans. Our die hard WWE wrestling fans want to see us in the ring in action—and we are slowly starting to get there. The fans will see how talented, how athletic we are and what a great tag team we are. They will see the full package that Trinity and I have. Having the Bella’s around is good because they play the bad guys. You have the fans that no matter what your character is, they will either like you or won’t, but having the Bella’s is amazing because you have to have a villain to make a hero.

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