The Black Women of Sports Blogging

The Black Women of Sports Blogging

Meet some of the savvy sisters who've parlayed their love of sports into online opportunities

by Brittney Fennell, August 08, 2013

The Black Women of Sports Blogging

Jill Munroe, Rob Y, Shaina Auxilly, Syreeta Hubbard and Jessica Danielle

For many, the term "sports blogger" brings to mind the image of a man sitting at home on his laptop wearing the jersey of his favorite team. However, there are a number of brilliant sisters who've been on like Beyonce when it comes to the world of digital sports writing. 

In 2008, Syreeta Hubbard launched her blog, The NFL Chick. Coming from a long line of family members who played football, it was only natural that the Baltimore native acquired a love for the sport as well. When the Ravens came to Baltimore in 1996, that love only intensified.

“All we had in Baltimore were the Orioles, so once the Ravens came to town, it gave me a team to cheer for.”

During the 2007 and 2008 NFL seasons, Hubbard worked for the Baltimore Ravens as an audio assistant, where she saw firsthand how wins and losses can affect an entire organization.

“Even though people that work in the organization don’t play on that football field, wins and losses affect them too,” she says. “I learned that by working there at their lowest point [Ravens were 5-11 during the 2007 season] and at one of their high points [Ravens won the AFC Championship in 2008] in the organization’s history. I really enjoyed my experience there.”

Hubbard’s blog has afforded her many opportunities, one being a sit-down on-camera interview with Baltimore native, Tavon Austin, a wide receiver from West Virginia University and the 8th overall pick to the St. Louis Rams in the 2013 NFL Draft. She also has another site she started with Jocelyn Lawson who’s also known as Pig Skin Loving Lady, called Gridiron Gals, which is a platform for female football fans to have their voices heard about their favorite teams.

Jill Munroe, a Los Angeles native, started her blog, Jocks and Stiletto Jill in September 2009.  She describes it as "ESPN meets Sex and the City" due to her interest in not only the game, but the off-the-court lifestyle as well.

“I know X’s and O’s and I covered that initially when I started the site, but I don’t believe you can out-ESPN ESPN” she says.

Munroe always loved sports, especially basketball, and while she was growing up, she and her father would attend Los Angeles Rams football games. Later in life, Munroe would work at Nike in the brand marketing department.

“That’s sort of where I started to see a broader side of sports with working on different projects with different teams and athletes and it lead me to starting the site." 

“I did work for a very long time in the sports industry, so I do have that insider perspective. I’m not just a fan of the game. I actually worked in it and it [JocksAndStillettoJill.com] gives you, well, at the time I started it, something different with the fashion and the off-the-court life that at the time wasn’t a big focus as it is today.”

Jessica Danielle, the woman behind the blog Player Perspective (and an EBONY.com contributor), became interested in sports in college. Even though she started out majoring in communications so she could pursue a career in sports broadcasting, she eventually switched to political science. She now balances being a political speechwriter along with her sports writing persuits. 

“A few years ago, I decided that sports was still my passion, so I started my blog and things just kind of went from there.”

She describes Player Perspective as "a personal sports blog." There’s no reporting of news, but she does give her opinion on the latest in sports along with looking at games and analyzing rosters.

“Part of the reason why I started my blog was because I felt like a lot of coverage of athletes, especially Black male athletes, was just very negative,” she says. “It was almost like reporters were holding them in contempt sometimes and they’d really talk about them in a stereotypical way. I wanted to add another voice to the sports sphere that I felt was a little fairer and would give a little more perspective to what athletes are thinking.”

Covering sports for TheSource.com and Funkmaster Flex’s blog In Flex We Trust has Shaina Auxilly pulling double duty. Her position as sportswriter at TheSource.com came about when a friend who was doing promotion for the magazine, told her that they didn’t have anybody running their sports department. After a meeting with the editors, she was brought on board. When she began working for Flex, the site was still new and there was only one woman covering sports for seven days a week. After going to an open call at New York radio station HOT 97, Auxilly started as an intern and was eventually hired.

She has gone on to interview major sports stars for The Source such as Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron

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