The Black Women of Sports Blogging

The Black Women of Sports Blogging

Meet some of the savvy sisters who've parlayed their love of sports into online opportunities

by Brittney Fennell, August 08, 2013

The Black Women of Sports Blogging

Jill Munroe, Rob Y, Shaina Auxilly, Syreeta Hubbard and Jessica Danielle

who know me look forward to what I have to say and look forward to my opinion on a certain subject in sports or me confirming that something happened. I think people are becoming more accepting of a Black woman doing it [covering sports].”

Jessica Danielle offers some advice for women who want to get in the game.

“Think about the expertise part,” she says. “What is it that you can bring to the table? One thing that I see a lot, with women especially, is when they start sites, they seem to be covering everything from the news perspective. Think about how difficult that is for an actual news site, because you know how difficult that is for one person or two women or three women. It’s very difficult to do. That’s why I have a personal blog because I know I can’t cover everything. I’m not trying to cover the entire NFL. I’m not covering the entire NBA. I don’t blog four or fives times a day. Make sure you have a particular thing you want to add to the blogosphere. Set realistic goals for that, realistic timelines and posting schedules. Then get out there and talk to people to put the site together.”

Munroe tells women who want to enter the sports blogging world to do their research and remain focused.

“It’s a grind,” says Munroe. “It’s a lot of work, initially, and especially to make yourself stand out. Just be true to yourself and research, research, research. Make sure you are fact-checking and doing your homework.”

Auxilly echoes those same sentiments along with the pressure to remain professional at all times.

“You have to be extremely professional as possible,” she says. “Any little thing could make people look at you differently. Just know what you're doing and have confidence in yourself.”

She goes on to say, “Make sure you study your craft. Not just watch sports, but watch a lot of people before you. I watch a lot of different sportscasters to see how they do things. Not to mimic them, but I draw a little bit from my favorite people. Keep writing a lot even if it’s not published somewhere. Just practice writing. Practice interviewing.”

Rob hopes that she, along with other women sports bloggers can inspire women to start their own blogs.

“I would like to see female sports bloggers’ voices grow and for us to continue to be cohesive and for us to be looked upon as a source of encouragement in sports for anybody thinking about starting a sports blog. I think the more voices we have, the better.”

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