Mimi & Stevie J Dish on 'Love & Hip-Hop In Atlanta'

Mimi & Stevie J Dish on 'Love & Hip-Hop In Atlanta'

The stars of the Vh1 hit open up about their relationship and the difficulty of having their life played out on primetime TV

by Amber McKynzie [A. KAY], July 31, 2012

Mimi & Stevie J Dish on 'Love & Hip-Hop In Atlanta'

Stevie J and Mimi Faust

Photo courtesy of VH1

about Mimi? What’s your current relationship with her?

Stevie J: Mimi is my world. I love her. She has my daughter. That’s my best friend. We’ve been friends going on 16 [years] now. I wouldn’t ever let that diminish or subside.

EBONY: You seem to have quite a hold on these women. No matter how bad it gets, they can’t seem to walk away. Why do you think that is?

Stevie J: God has definitely blessed me with different talents. It’s like [having] the ability…to go to a guitar, a set of drums, saxophone, trumpet, or a violin—any musical instrument—and play, and then have the ability to stay calm and cool. I think that adds a little fuel to my fire. [I also have] the ability to be a great dad and just be a great friend. I think they think I’m King Charlie Sheen over here.

EBONY: Okay 'Charlie.' Why does it seem like every time you get caught or something’s up you start licking your lips and scrunching up your face. Why so many facial expressions?

Stevie J: I guess my faces do more talking than me sometimes. I just give a look to tell you how I really feel. Hopefully that would just change the perspective of folks’ thoughts.

EBONY: What’s been the hardest part about doing the show?

Stevie J: Just seeing the transition from everything happy to not-so-happy. Everyday just seeing the pain and the hurt [that goes down]. It’s just not all happiness.

EBONY: Would you be hesitant to move forward with a second season?

Stevie J: Absolutely not! I’m ready to play it all back for another season. It’s an excellent vehicle to drive as a trampoline and jump into the next door in life.

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