Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

Hot or Not? Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

Actress Yaya DaCosta recreates the iconic cover of Whitney Houston’s 1987 ‘Whitney’ album for the hotly anticipated Lifetime biopic


by #teamEBONY, July 10, 2014

Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

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Jack Zeman/Lifetime Television

Angela Bassett makes her directorial debut on Lifetime with her upcoming Whitney Houston biopic, starring Yaya DaCosta. The film, currently shooting, released a photo of DaCosta posing as the cover photo of Houston’s 1987 sophomore album, Whitney, to Entertainment Weekly. The picture alone has diehard Whitney fans feeling like either DaCosta is perfect for the role or Bassett and company have made a grave mistake. What say you?




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