Frank Ocean Gets Real

Frank Ocean Gets Real

[OPINION] As the Odd Future singer makes a bold and brave statement about his sexuality, will fans continue to support his work?

Jamilah Lemieux

by Jamilah Lemieux, July 04, 2012

Frank Ocean Gets Real

Frank Ocean standing proud.

the car in annoyance. While Syd and Frank's place in a crew of heterosexual male artists may be progressive, there is still much work to do in the house of Odd Future.

There are few people in the industry who could really shock me if they announced that they were gay or bisexual. While Ocean isn't one of the guys who seemed to exist in a "closet with a glass door" as one of my best friends calls them, the fact that he actually had the courage to speak about his sexuality is more surprising than what he actually had to say. 

I hope that Frank Ocean doesn't become "the gay singer," for it would be criminally unfair for him to wear that label as so many of his musical peers and elders are sleeping with and loving same gendered persons, while selling images of hyper-heterosexuality. And I truly hope that people who were fans before don't lose their appetite for his music. Regardless of one's feelings on Frank Ocean the artist, I hope that this very raw look at Frank Ocean the man forces people to look beyond their fear over two penises in one bed. People must come to recognize that gay and bisexual people also have hearts, emotions, relationships that are just as significant as anyone else's. I hate that we still have to fight to get folks to see that in 2012, but perhaps the singer's wish will come true and "the babies" won't have these problems in the years to come.

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