India.Arieâs âCocoa Butterâ Reveals Palmerâs Soulful Side<br />

India.Arie’s ‘Cocoa Butter’ Reveals Palmer’s Soulful Side

The famous brand partners with Arie on her new music video

Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, July 10, 2013

India.Arieâs âCocoa Butterâ Reveals Palmerâs Soulful Side<br />

The world’s number one cocoa butter brand heard the Grammy winning India.Arie when she first proclaimed her love for Black cocoa skin on her 2001 single, "Brown Skin." Partnering with Arie in her new video, Palmer’s will make its debut on screen alongside her gorgeous, mocha skin.

"I am really excited to be partnering with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula," she says. "Aside from being a longtime fan of their products, they're a family business with a strong ethical foundation and that makes us a great match."

Catch India Arie’s new music video, “Cocoa Butter” here!


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