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Prince's Protégé Comes Into Her Own<br />

Andy Allo

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speak for itself. There’s something about these songs that I don’t think has been heard or isn’t cutting through, because the industry is so electronic now and I think it’s harder for artists who are independent. And if they are playing real music with real instruments, it’s harder to get through. I think we’ve become so used to electronic sounds. I think you can hear the soul with this music because it’s real instruments. I think that’s what’s missing, at least for me...I think people will feel Superconductor. I really feel strongly about this music.

EBONY:  Is there anything else you’d like for us to know?

AA: Yes. Afros are awesome. Go natural.

Andy Allo will appear with Prince on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on October 23; check your local listings. Superconductor​ is scheduled for a November 20th release via her Allo Evolution Online Store. Keep up with Andy via her official website and on Twitter: @AndyAllo

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