[INTERVIEW] Bokeem Woodbine Talks New 'Total Recall' Movie

[INTERVIEW] Bokeem Woodbine Talks New 'Total Recall' Movie

We caught with the original bad boy who's starring in the highly anticipated sci-film feature film in theaters this Friday!

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, August 02, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Bokeem Woodbine Talks New 'Total Recall' Movie

Credit: Southland

think it’s going to be big.

EBONY: So this was deliberate?

BW: Yeah. I had to just man up to a degree … and that meant saying no to money basically.

EBONY: Last question will be a totally cheesy one: if you could go to a place like Total Recall, what would the fantasy that you’d want to live in that sub-reality?

BW: It would definitely be along the lines of a secret agent type scenario. I grew up watching Bond films, I love Aston Martins, I look pretty cool in those suits that have, like, the 1960s, almost modern-cut suits. You know? And even though you don’t really see those nowadays, you know, they’ve got a few similar to that at John Varvatos that I’ve tried that look sharp on a brother!

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