Christian Scott

[INTERVIEW] Christian Scott Defies Traditional Boundaries of Jazz

The 29 year-old trumpeter is bold enough—and dope enough—to release a double-album with 23 tracks, Christian aTunde Adjuah. Scott says, "Most artists are scared to make albums that long."

by Darren Sands, August 07, 2012

Christian Scott

Trumpeter Christian Scott: Not your traditional jazz artist

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them, I would ask them why do they play music. Is it just for them or is it for other people to try and change their lives. Part of what I enjoy about making music is about being in the position to turn people on to social issues going on in the world they might not know about. I also really enjoy the opportunity to help people navigate their lives and cope with some of the things they’re going through that are hard and difficult. The more people that get the chance to affect with this music, the better. It’s interesting that you frame it that way; I think a lot of times when people are addressing that question on a general level I think they mean it’s important to try and garner an audience of people that wouldn’t typically listen to jazz, right? For me I don’t view music in terms those lines. I could name twenty different types of jazz that have different types audiences. I just look at it like, I want to help people get through the things that they’re going through—and the more people I can help the better.

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