Common Talks 'LUV' and Hip-Hop

Common Talks 'LUV' and Hip-Hop

The rapper-turned-actor discusses his newest film, artistic growth and the problems facing his hometown

Kristin Braswell

by Kristin Braswell, November 05, 2012

Common Talks 'LUV' and Hip-Hop


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time. How would you spend that day?

COMMON: I would go to the ocean and chill out and take a little time there. I probably would work out because I love to do that. Then I would go eat at a restaurant that I love. Then I would probably want to hook up with a good lady friend who I love to spend time with and go do something, whether that be a movie, going to a park, or a museum. If I’m in New York, I’m going to a play. I love going to see plays, going to listen to music, and going to dinner. And like, I said, it would always be better to have a lady friend. I would also take a little time to read something, to feel like I fed myself some spiritual food.

EBONY: Speaking of music, what albums are you feeling right now?

COMMON: I think Frank Ocean's album is a really good album. I obviously love Cruel Summer.  I consistently enjoy Radiohead. Sometimes I listen to Minnie Ripperton. Her sweet, angelic, bird-like voice is just beautiful.

EBONY: What upcoming projects are you working on?

COMMON: I’m working on Hell on Wheels now, which is airing now on AMC, and also looking to do an independent film before the year is done.  I’m also working on a new album and on being a good person.

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