[INTERVIEW] Darren Sharper:<br />
Life After Football

[INTERVIEW] Darren Sharper:
Life After Football

The five-time Pro Bowl honoree and Super Bowl champ discusses his successful career and post-NFL work as an TV analyst

Chris Williams

by Chris Williams, September 17, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Darren Sharper:<br />
Life After Football

Darren Sharper

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ESPN, NFL Network and you have sponsors that buy into it. It just shows you how big the NFL has gotten with the big TV contracts and sponsors. There is so much more money going around because of the league.

EBONY: Can you tell me more about your current job as an analyst for NFL Total Access on the NFL Network?

DS: I’m excited about the opportunity to work with guys who are Hall of Famers, future Hall of Famers and guys who have had outstanding careers in the NFL. I love having the opportunity to continue to work around this great game that has done so much for me. I’m extremely happy about it because when guys retire from the league they don’t get the opportunities to do what they love. I’m still getting the opportunity and I’m definitely appreciative of it. It is also good because I get a chance to talk about the game and give fans my perspective that they couldn’t see when I played. When I would analyze the game, I would be in the locker room or at my house talking to my friends. Now, I get a chance to voice my opinion about different aspects of the game that people might not know about and give them a different view on football.

EBONY: When did you decide on starting your non-profit organization, Sharper Kids Foundation and what are some of the program’s initiatives?

DS: I started the Sharper Kids Foundation with my brother after my third year in the league. Our initial plans were to set up after school programs for kids in the communities that we were based out of. For me, it was Green Bay where I was first drafted then we launched the foundation in our hometown, Richmond, VA. My brother was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens so we set up shop there as well. As we moved on to different cities, we wanted to spread the message of the foundation. We wanted to find a way to give back and our foundation was a perfect avenue for us to do that. We’re still active with the foundation. I’m doing a lot of work in New Orleans and all over the country. We’re still striving to do these great things today.

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