Eric Benet: Soul Survivor

Eric Benet: Soul Survivor

The sultry singer discusses finding true love, going the independent route and why new R&B isn't R&B at all

by Natelegé Whaley, July 09, 2012

Eric Benet: Soul Survivor

Eric Benet

to EMI as a duo, and we were called Benét - and I was told by somebody that had been in the business a very long time, "Look Eric, if you're lucky, the average lifespan of a recording artist is 4 or 5 years, sometimes less, maybe more if you're lucky. So make the most of these next couple years and save your money and plan for the future.” And to know I had that conversation 20 years ago, and I'm still able to go out on a stage and sing my songs for people, and travel the world and make music and be on the charts and making my dreams come true everyday... I can't begin to express my gratitude just the bliss, the appreciation for my fans for allowing me to still be in their lives. It's amazing. I'm just gonna keep going.

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