Erykah Badu Unleashes Her 'Wild Rabbit'

Erykah Badu

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anything that has to do with healing and art, I’m involved with pretty heavily. One of my girlfriends was pregnant and I wanted to be there. Her labor was for 52 hours. I stayed awake for 52 hours. I walked with her for 52 hours. We prayed, we cried, we laughed.

And then there was another friend, and then my sister, and then I got pregnant again. So it's  just become a part of my life. It’s a very natural thing. I really enjoy being the child's 'welcoming committee' and to help someone usher his or her spirit into the world in a very peaceful way is very effortless to me.

Officially, I am becoming a midwife, which means that I 'll be certified to catch babies. I have to be monitored while I am doing this for 30 births. I’m on birth number eight. It’s taking me a bit longer. I’m a little busy but I study during my down time, when I’m flying, when I’m backstage waiting to perform. When my kids are doing their homework, I do mine. I’m a better student now, than when I was in college, but I guess that’s because one of my "wild rabbits," is being a doula.

EBONY: How do you think the peaceful entry impacts the baby life?

​EB: I can only give you examples of my children and my friend’s children that I’ve seen. Having your baby at home – that means that there’s no anesthesia, there are no painkillers. It means that your diet is probably a vegetarian diet or something of that sort. It means you practice that kind of lifestyle already. Those kinds of parents already have a creative way of parenting. Creative parenting creates genius children. I continue to learn, how it’s affecting the baby. I’ll keep that in mind as I’m studying. I don’t do it so that

EBONY: Speaking of kids, as a black girl and I’m not a mother yet, but to witness people coming at you because of your parenting choices was hurtful, even from the outside. What’s your philosophy on motherhood?

EB: I got this. I got this. That’s my answer.