[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

We got the exclusive on Evelyn's new book! The reality siren's story may help us understand her violent outbursts on hit reality show, 'Basketball Wives Miami'

Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, June 22, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

The vocal, and often cut-through Latina we've come to know the past two years on the hit VH1 reality series "Basketball Wives Miami" is using the spotlight to leverage a career outside of TV drama. Evelyn Lozada is primping herself as a clothing designer, creator of her own makeup line, and most notably an author of new book Inner Circle (The Wives Association)—recently released on Cash Money Content—and it all seems to be paying off. Taking readers inside the life of an athletes life, Evelyn uses the character Eve Inez to weave a narrative similar to the life she has come to know as the former fiancé of former NBA star Antoine Walker, and current fiancé of NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco—who together with Lozada will star in a spin-off reality series on VH1 chronicling the couple's journey to the alter. Inner Circle will undoubtedly register with the loads of viewers who tune into "Basketball Wives" each week. We caught up with the Brooklyn-native to chat transitioning from reality star to author, working with the infamous Cash Money crew, and what's next.

EBONY: So, I read the book and I was surprised that you gave us so much information, upfront.

Evelyn: Right, I mean if you know me I mean obviously you watch the show. I’m very, very open with my life. The book was…how do I say it? Very therapeutic because a lot of things I don’t talk about. The stories in the book are real stories you know/

EBONY: On the show, you’re pretty comfortable in your own skin, but were you nervous at all when you were writing the book?

Evelyn: You know I wasn’t necessarily nervous because this is what I thought: if you were an acquaintance of mine or if I wrote about something that happened in the book, only you would know that that’s where I got the story from. I did it very tastefully. Names are changed. I made sure to keep things very private. I would never speak about anything publicly, especially with my ex. I’m not that type of person even, on “Basketball Wives”. I never talked about my ex, that’s something I would never do.

EBONY: The back-stories you give In the Inner Circle offer a little depth to who you are on the show. We’ve seen you at your best; we’ve seen you at your worst. Do you feel like people reading this book will be able to understand the good and bad of Evelyn from "Basketball Wives" a little more now?

Evelyn: I think so. I wrote the book with Courtney Parker and I wanted to be very open, very real about the stories and the things that have happened. You can get a glimpse of how I lived, how my life was and why I do react to certain things and why I’m so protective of my girlfriends. Why I’m the way I am.

EBONY: Do you feel like being young and married contributed to the uneasiness of a relationship like your first?

Evelyn: Yeah I mean we were young. We started dating when I was 23. I went from working for an attorney and taking care of my daughter, to living in the Bronx to driving around in Bentleys. My life was going a mile a minute. As far as being domestic, that was never an option because we’re going from plane to plane, traveling. But, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I feel like all those experiences are the reason why I’m here today. I wasn’t trying to be Betty Crocker. We were just having fun. Now, though it’s a different story. Like I just learned how to make baked macaroni and cheese

EBONY: You just learned how to make macaroni and cheese?

Evelyn: Yes, girl and it was good!

EBONY: Ok, I trust you. I still don’t know how to make macaroni and cheese or fry chicken.

Evelyn: Oh my god! I totally know how to make it and he [Chad] loves it.

EBONY: I’m sure he does. Was it difficult to accept Chad’s marriage proposal after dating past athletes or have you grown as a woman and just feel content and you know its right?

Evelyn: On the show, I said I would blow off every athlete.  Then Chad comes in like a hurricane. I met him on twitter and I’m like, “We’ll hang out and whatever happens, happens. I thought I was going film this show, have a great time and then you know we end up meeting and we end up dating, falling in love. Blah blah blah.  You know all that stuff. Then we ended up engaged. But you know they always say, when you know, you know. I knew. I was like this is supposed to be my husband. We’re a train wreck sometimes, but it is what is it. We’re like

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