[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

We got the exclusive on Evelyn's new book! The reality siren's story may help us understand her violent outbursts on hit reality show, 'Basketball Wives Miami'

Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, June 22, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Evelyn Lozada: Queen of 'The Inner Circle'

the same people, he gets me and I get mad at him and it’s not perfect, but we love each other.

EBONY: Is this a surreal moment for your love life and career?

Evelyn: No, I always knew in my mind that I was going to get married, but I never thought in a million years that I would be with somebody like Chad and that my wedding would be filmed and televised.  I love make up. It’s something that I’ve always loved. I was showing my manager a photo when I was literally like in the 4th grade, and I snuck and wore eyeliner to my class pictures.  My mom was so pissed off because I did it behind her back. But I’ve always loved make up.

EBONY: Why do you feel it’s timely now to publish your book?

Evelyn: I think it’s the right time because you know I’ve been working so hard in trying to brand myself outside of b-ball wives. I feel like it I were to have released this book say a year ago, it just wouldn’t have made sense.

EBONY: How was it working with Cash Money?

Evelyn:  They are so cool. Everybody is usually intimidated by Slim and Baby. Baby has been so supportive of the book and the clothing line that we’re going to work on. He’s been great. I mean I feel like whatever he touches, he does turns to gold, so I was like I want a part of that.

EBONY: Are they really nurturing in their own way?

Evelyn: They’re very nurturing. They’re always checking in. “Are you happy with how everything is going”. Very attentive. It’s really like a family. I’m not just forgotten about. It makes me want to be successful and work as hard as they do because you know they work hard. They’re always in the studio and traveling, so I said to myself, “I’m not going be the only one on Cash Money that fails.”

EBONY: And were they very hands on or did they sort of give you wings and let you fly with the book?

Evelyn: No they definitely gave me wings and let me fly with the book.

EBONY: It’s really good to hear that because for women in the industry, it’s kind of tough to get that freedom and not to be under somebody’s full control.

Evelyn: Right and that was important. That was definitely something that was important for me and Courtney. We didn’t want to feel restricted. We wanted to be able to write what we wanted to and what we felt comfortable with. We didn’t want publishers telling us what to do and how to do it.

EBONY: When can your fans pick up your book?

Evelyn: Well it’s in stores now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and anywhere where they sell books you can buy it.

EBONY: Are you selling it on your site as well?

Evelyn: Yes, if you go to evelynlozada.com everything is on there so from the book to the makeup line. Everything is on there.

EBONY: Can you give us any details on your clothing line? When that might debut or are you still working on that project?

Evelyn: We’re in the early stages on that but I will say that it is going to be a line of maxi dresses and they’re going to be very affordable. It’s going to be around Spring 2013. That’s all I wear in Florida!

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