Faith Evans

[INTERVIEW] Faith Evans Talks TV One Series, New Album

We caught up with the R&B veteran on her hit TV One series, her new material and how she's carrying the torch after losing her inspiration--Whitney Houston

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, August 06, 2012

Faith Evans

Faith Evans

is why I felt like, ‘OK, they’re still coming to me about doing this tour with these girls. I want to do this album, I’ve got people that want to be in business with me to do TV, so let’s put it all together and make it happen.’ So it was kind of a way for us to accomplish, you know, all of those things.

EBONY: Whitney was an inspiration to you, but she also was your friend. Can you share a Whitney moment with me?

​FE: What I do value about our relationship is we met by way of me being in the industry, but we very -- very seldom -- had any conversations about anything industry related. She was able to be herself, to be Whitney from Jersey, Nippy around me. I loved the fact that she felt that comfort with me. I had a 30th birthday back when I was living in Atlanta and Whitney came. She was calling me all the days to find out what time I was going, and if I wanted to ride with her and Bobby. So she gets to the party and everybody’s like, ‘Whitney’s at the party! Whitney’s at the party!’ And she comes riding around the corner on Bobby Brown’s back! A lot of my friends that were there that night, they often talk about that. They’re like, ‘I’ll never forget she was riding around your party on Bobby Brown’s back!’ She was a really special person.

EBONY: My condolences on losing your friend, and in that way …

​FE: Oh, thank you. My prayers and my heart certainly goes out to her family and especially Kristi. She left us a wonderful legacy, despite whatever people want to focus on that is negative. I know the true genuine person that she was. She was never hesitant to just to step back and shine her light on somebody that was up and coming or just let you know, ‘You bad, girl. You bad.’

EBONY: You were signed to star in the Florence Ballard project, but you backed out of it. Why’s that?

​FE: I came on board because I was very excited to be asked by her family to be in that role, but what happened was the production company -- I never got a contract and I don’t think that they were really in the place where they were ready to do the project. But it is something that I would love to be able to do, even if I had to find the resources and do it myself. I still talk to her daughters and I really wanted to see that happen for them. Her story really needs to be told. But my thing is, I don’t really want to step in someone else’s pile of mess.

EBONY: This charity album aside, are we going to get some new Faith Evans music soon?

FE: I’m definitely going back to the studio very soon to finish up my next -- my seventh -- studio album. I don’t have a release date, but I will definitely be back working on that now that we’re done with production of the show.

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