Jada Pinkett Smith

[INTERVIEW] Jada Pinkett Smith Talks New Projects, and Why We Shouldn't Hate on Reality TV

The Madagascar 3 star speaks with EBONY on her "Red Table Talks" series, and why we should all be responsible for the TV we watch

Geneva S. Thomas

by Geneva S. Thomas, June 06, 2012

Jada Pinkett Smith

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very trying process, you know, because also you have to be able to reenact. Like if you see Gloria running, I actually have to run, I’m screaming, voice hoarse and leaving. They’re like, “Okay we are going to save this section because after this section you aren’t going to be able to talk. I was like, “We will do this at the end of the session.” It was like, “Okay. Cool.”

So you know it’s a lot of work. But for somebody like Chris he’s probably like, “I do this every night.” You know.

EBONY: A lot of people have been vocal about the negative images that are on reality TV particularly like with "Basketball Wives" and the "Housewives of Atlanta". What are your thoughts on that? People like Star Jones and even Nicki Minaj have come forward saying how negative they are. And as a mother, and as someone who is in the industry in particular, what do you think about these shows?

JPS: Listen, I think there’s room for everything. You know? I think there’s room for everything, and I think what we have to focus on is balancing. I don’t think we have to focus on, you know, listen everybody is trying to create. Everybody is trying to make a living. Don’t be mad, don’t come down on them. Okay. Talk to the people that are actually putting these shows on and ask them to balance it out. It’s not that those shows shouldn’t exist. It’s not about coming down on people. You know what I mean? It’s just about creating a balance. But also as a community, we have to be more responsible about what we are willing to watch. Now how about that? Okay? And that’s really…that’s what people really don’t want to talk about.

I’m going to tell you something. It’s not that people try to put on programming for us that’s varied. It’s not that people don’t try to create movies for us that are varied. I’ll tell you what, people we need to be more responsible about what we are going to see. Because people only create what we are going to watch. So don’t you come down on them. Folks need to be looking, you know what I mean? Take responsibility about what you have you have on your TV, and about what you are out there supporting. So people need to check their own individual selves on that one.  

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