Just Call Him "Dr. Shaq"

Just Call Him "Dr. Shaq"

Shaquille O’Neal speaks on family, love, and making history as the first person in the 'Top 50 NBA Players of All Time' to earn a doctorate

Just Call Him "Dr. Shaq"

Dr. Shaq on the set of TNT's "Inside the NBA"
Photo: Jeremy Freeman (C)TURNER SPORTS

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Freeman (C)TURNER SPORTS

basketball player that does business; I’m a businessman who also plays basketball. I always tell my children, you ain’t got to play [sports], you ain’t got to sing, you ain’t got to do anything but get an education. [Pursuing entertainment] is fine, but you won’t touch any of it until you get an education. I hope that sticks with them.

You can catch Shaq as an NBA commentator for TNT and pick up his autobiography Shaq Uncut: My Story here.

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