Kat Graham Puts Her 'Grafitti' on the Music Industry

Kat Graham Puts Her 'Grafitti' on the Music Industry

The Vampire Diaries star releases her first major-label single, the pop hit “Put Your Graffiti on Me.”

Kat Graham Puts Her 'Grafitti' on the Music Industry

does it mean if I didn’t really enjoy it while I was living it. You just can’t afford to care that much about the negative things people say about you. You just can’t!

EBONY: In the making of the “Put Your Graffiti on Me” music video, your boyfriend, [actor Cottrell Guidry who co-stars in the video], mentioned that the thing that drew him to you when he first saw you was the fact that you weren’t drinking alcohol like others around you presumably were. 

KG:  Yeah, I just don’t drink alcohol. I never have, I never will.  I’ve never done drugs. And I’m not like an overly religious person or anything, I just really believe that I have a creative mind to maintain and I like being focused and feeling like myself. It’s about more than just being a good role model. I’ve seen so many negative things come about in this industry because of alcohol and drugs and I just don’t want any part of that.  I’m not into it. If that makes me not cool, then I’m not cool.

EBONY:  So you’re devoting at least 10 more years to this industry. What do you hope to achieve in that time period?

KG: I can’t even answer that!  In 10 years I don’t really know what I’ll be and I like not having any idea. I like the idea of being so passionate about everything I do and the fact that I might wake up tomorrow and say “I want to be a chef,” and just pour myself into that. But I believe in having a passion for what I do.  Nothing is certain, but I definitely want to do more music and more film and I want to have a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of reaching my definition of success is in this industry.

EBONY: What’s your definition of success?

KG:  To me success is making a positive difference through art – making art that affects the world and that changes the way people feel about themselves and the world. That’s what I’m working towards.

You can catch Kat every Thursday on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries at 8/7c and buy her new single, “Put Your Graffiti on Me” on iTunes.

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