Laila Ali Talks Motherhood and Family 'Around the Clock'
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the most famous men in history; Was it every difficult to deal with people seeing you first as Muhammad Ali's daughter and as your own person second?

Laila:  I have always had a strong sense of self so I have never focused on how people see me. I am so proud to be his daughter that I don't mind people making the connection. Muhammad Ali being my father compliments who I am, it doesn't make me who am.

EBONY: Has the way people perceived you changed over the course of your adult years as you transitioned from boxing champion in your own right to working wife and mother?

Laila: I think I have definitely established my own identity. Most people appreciate who I am and what I bring to the table. The fact that my dad is "The Greatest" is just icing on the cake! At least that's how I see it.

EBONY:  Does it ever bother you at all that at times the focus is on your physical beauty as opposed to all of the things you have accomplished in your life?

Laila: I don't get caught up in my own hype. I feel that that fact that I was a fighter makes me seem prettier than I actually am because people don't expect a "fighter" to be attractive. There are lots of pretty girls out there...but none that can knock you out! 

EBONY:  What are your future goals with "Around the Clock?"  Are there any upcoming juicy topics that we can look forward to?

Laila: Oh, we have lots more to come. We are just getting started. There is not much that we will be holding back!