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pressure, but I feel encouraged. But I want to be the bridge. I embrace it. I don't mind being a leader. I don't mind opening the doors. I guess my prayer is that there will be other leaders behind me who will come in and do more than what I've done, and more than what I can do and that this serves as an opportunity to level the playing field in hip-hop. I just want to be able to say "Hey, there's way more going on in life than the club."

EBONY:Next album?

Lecrae: The next album is called Gravity. It's coming out in the fall 2012. I'm excited about it. You know I push the envelope. I like creative things.

EBONY: How will it be different from Church Clothes?

Lecrae: It's going to be Church Clothes on steroids. It'll more polished, obviously and bigger songs, that have a little bit more robust production but yeah I think if you enjoy Church Clothes, you'll really enjoy that.