[INTERVIEW] Mary Mary Gets it with New Album

[INTERVIEW] Mary Mary Gets it with New Album

The gospel sisters and reality TV stars talk their new album, Go Get It, and re-defining the Christian woman's image

by Hillary Crosley, May 14, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Mary Mary Gets it with New Album

enough to do that. This idea doesn’t fly in society today but if I did not have that attitude I’d be sitting up single. You have to allow a man to be a man but you have to choose the right one. It’s not about pushing you around.

EBONY: How do you make sure that you’re being submissive without being manipulated?

Tina: I told my husband, ‘I got one daddy and his name is Eddie, not Teddy.’

Erika: Bossing me around is not going to happen.

Tina: If you don’t want me barking down your throat, you have to treat me like your tender wife. There are certain things I don’t do. Why does my tank only have four gallons of gas? Because I don’t think about that, you’re my husband, go fill my tank up! By the same token, you will not be in the house sewing buttons. If you’re not taking the tender road and you’re always taking the rough road, which road does your husband take? 

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