[INTERVIEW] Reality Chicks Emily B. and Meeka Claxton Dish Next Moves

Find out why Emily B ditched 'Love and Hip Hop' for her own show, and what Meeka Claxton really thinks about reality TV

by Breanna Green, July 24, 2012


thank God, he supports everything I do. He’s actually encouraged by me to do things on his own. So back in 2006 when we were married we formed Claxton Inc., and before the show we had our global relocation company, which aided athletes and entertainers moving around the country because we knew how to move! We’ve had to move to seven cities, 14 times in 10 years. It’s still in operation; we’re doing great with it. We’ve also added the military to our repertoire, and now we’re open to the public. I also have PRIVILEG’D which is a funky, edgy, little girls clothing line. It’s actually more of a lifestyle brand. When we first launched in 2011 we sold out in four days. We are in 13 boutiques right now.

EBONY: What did your husband Speedy, think of you being on “Basketball Wives”?

MC: My husband has never been a fan of reality TV, showing like dumb sh*t for real…because he said that’s not real. We don’t live our lives fighting over tables, we spend money…but we love to see that. So why not show where we came from, like the real New York urban streets…and together we started Claxton Productions. We’re actually in final stages of our first feature, which stars Jamal Woolard, who played Biggie in Notorious.

EBONY: Would you do a reality show again?

MC: I’m in talks with a couple networks actually to do something more so pertaining to business. Like I said I’m a woman about a platform of business, I’m not about drama. Contrary to what you think you know, I’m not about that stuff at all. I’m about women supporting women, cause we need that. I’m in talks with HGTV to do something about my real estate company, and with another network...a more diverse network. I mean life is drama, I don’t fight! That’s not my thing…but life is drama.

EBONY: What would you say to young girls watching “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives”?

MC: You know what…this is something near and dear to me. I don’t let my kids watch it. They’re at the age where I can control what they watch. I have a niece who’s 15…I can’t control what she watches. She’s watched "Basketball Wives", she’s like Oh my God, Auntie Meeky! I was more upset and hurt that she had to witness something like that. So to little girls who watch reality TV, just understand that reality TV is just that—it’s television. There’s no show that follows you 24 hours without being edited. So without getting in trouble, by saying too much know this…real women don’t go around throwing blows, just for no f*cking reason and that’s real, and keep the curse word in there too! We live life through fiction, it’s art but when you’re saying that it’s reality and girls are watching, saying wow I could be with a ball player, I could be with a rapper if I show my butt. If I punch b*tches across the table. No that’s not cool. I never want kids to aspire to be anything like that. They really need to know, and understand themselves before anything else.

EBONY: What are the next immediate ventures that we’ll see from you?

MC: Privileg’d it’s funky it’s edgy; it’s a little girl lifestyle brand look for it Fall 2012 for its hard debut. Also Claxton Productions presents 730 starring Jamal Woolard. We also have Elite magazine, by athletes for athletes in 2013.

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