[INTERVIEW] 'Scandal' Star<br />
Columbus Short Talks Season 2, Shonda Rhimes and His Best Roles<br />

[INTERVIEW] 'Scandal' Star
Columbus Short Talks Season 2, Shonda Rhimes and His Best Roles

The star of ABC's breakout hit political drama is poised for a Hollywood takeover. Get familiar

[INTERVIEW] 'Scandal' Star<br />
Columbus Short Talks Season 2, Shonda Rhimes and His Best Roles<br />

Columbus Short 

Last night marked the season one finale of ABC's hottest new drama, ​Scandal, starring Kerry Washington and Columbus Short. The political prime-time soap follows the life of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the best public relations and crisis manager in Washington, D.C. and her team of "gladiators in suits," including Columbus Short's character, Harrison Wright, who make their clients problems disappear -- by any means necessary.EBONY caught up with Short to get the details on the explosive finale, season 2 and what it's like to work for the only African American female creator, writer and executive producer of three simultaneous hit shows on network television, Shonda Rhimes.

EBONY: [The finale of Scandal aired last night] so congratulations to you on the success of this show. It was definitely a riveting first season. What can we expect in Season 2?

COLUMBUS SHORT: It's going to ramp up, it’s going to get a lot more intense. We will get into the characters a lot more. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

EBONY: Are we going to find out what the deal is with [the newest character to Olivia’s firm] Quinn and what makes her an asset to the team? Because one of these things is not like the others…

CS: You are. You're going to find that out very soon. That's a lot of what season 2 is about: why Olivia even hired her and just where these characters came from. As far as why Olivia hired Quinn, we [the team] still don't even know. So it's going to be an interesting discovery for everybody.

EBONY: I read that you were a bit reluctant to meet with [the show's creator and executive producer] Shonda Rhimes to discuss this role at first. Was it because you saw [her now-canceled pilot show] “Off the Map?”

CS: No! (Laughs) You got jokes!

​EBONY: Kidding!

CS: No, (laughs) I just never wanted to see myself locked into a character for long period of time.  With films, you completely immerse yourself in a character, get into who they are, live it and then release it. But it’s not like that with a show, so I was hesitant about getting stuck. But it’s freaking Shonda Rhimes, so just out of respect, you take the meeting. But I was just going to meet with her and I wasn't going to read the script and then something told me to just read it and I did and I was completely captivated by it and I went to her with all intent to convince Shonda this part was for me.

EBONY: What was it about the show or your character Harrison that captivated you?

CS: It was a character I haven't seen: a) on television, and b) for an African American male, he’s a character completely unheard of. He’s got intellect, charm, wit, loyalty. Those are characteristics you look for in any project, but he has them all in one.

EBONY: Harrison is a convicted felon. How is he still able to practice law?

CS:  ‘Cause he works for Olivia Pope, that’s why! That's where his loyalties lie. She saved him and she’s the kind of person who can get a convicted felon to still have his law license and a super, powerfully important job in D.C.

EBONY: What's it like working with Shonda?

CS: It's really special. I've worked with Aaron Sorkin and a lot of great producers and she's special. She's genuinely about her writing and making characters three-dimensional on the set. You'd be surprised to know she's a very shy woman with an incredible strength. And she's a madwoman. She'll be on set at “Scandal” thinking about “Grey's Anatomy” thinking about “Private Practice” but still 100 percent focused on us, on each of the crews -- it's remarkable to see how she works. She's a machine.

EBONY: Where is your love interest on the show? Are we going to see one for you next season?

CS: Yes, I believe you are. I think that's what the beauty of this first season was. It allowed the President and Olivia's relationship to be the focus and bring us into the world of scandals, and that's allowed us a lot more time to wrap our heads around who our characters are through understanding that relationship. And now we're getting more in-depth with the relationships of the other characters.

But Shonda is very collaborative. I'll send her an email about what I think should happen with the character -- this and that --and she'll maybe take the "that" and leave one of the "this's".

EBONY: Are you all looking forward to Emmy season, did you submit entries for that?

CS: I actually have no idea how that process works, but surely, Kerry [Washington, who stars as Olivia Pope], Jeff Perry [who plays Cyrus, the president’s chief of staff] Guillermo Diaz [who plays ex-CIA agent Huck] a lot of that work deserves an

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