Kerry Washington's New Show Premieres Tonight on ABC
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for the first time in my career—and I’m not kidding, it actually almost brought tears to my eyes when I caught myself saying it at a Q and A, but my dream role would be a second season of “Scandal” because it’s the most fulfilling role I have had artistically in my career.

EBONY: Is there anything else you want to add about "A Thousand Words?"

KW: ​It’s really fun and I think it’s a great film. So often, we know that men and women communicate differently but the film is really a great way to talk about communication, so I think it’s a great date movie because men love the film and think it’s really funny and they get the character being a career driven modern man, and women really love the relationship aspect as well. It’s a great date night film because you can really talk about what communication means to you.

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