[INTERVIEW] 'Single Ladies' Star Denise Vasi Readies Season 2

[INTERVIEW] 'Single Ladies' Star Denise Vasi Readies Season 2

The star of VH1's hit original series shares why she's not replacing Stacey Dash, working with LisaRaye, and why women should date a little older

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, April 24, 2012

[INTERVIEW] 'Single Ladies' Star Denise Vasi Readies Season 2

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EBONY: Does that mean you work out a lot too then? Because you look amazing …

DV: No. No. Thank you. I have a big dog that’s literally my only exercise here. We’re on set 15, 16 hours a day, and there’s just enough time to get a little bit of sleep and work on your lines for the next day. Fridays we work into Saturdays so it cuts into the weekend.

EBONY: Are you a single lady yourself?

DV: I’m not a single lady, but I’m not a married lady!

EBONY: Do you bring any parts of your relationship to set?

DV: What I bring to set is my plentiful experience with men! I’ve got 10 girlfriends too … where that’s all we talk about really, right? But my perspective is that a) I have a boyfriend, but I’m not married, so technically, by taxes, I’m single.

EBONY: Has being on this show made you think differently about your own relationship?

DV: Not this one, because thankfully I’m in a very balanced relationship right now. He’s in the business so he understands me and my schedule and my need to stay focused on work, as well as being committed to come see me every two weeks, because I can’t move. So I’m stable there.

EBONY: What advice do you have for single women who’d like to be in a committed relationship?

DV: Date a little older. My boyfriend’s 38 and I just think that he’s in a good place. And I think that you really have to have things settled in your own life to even be looking out there in the field for someone who’s good in their own life. You won’t be happy, nor can you make someone else happy if you’re not happy with yourself. So that’s the first step. Communication is so, so important in every relationship. My biggest thing is sometimes … things sound harsher when they come out of my mouth. Cause I’m from New York, I’m from Brooklyn, I always say sh*t how it is. That’s one thing you want to know about me, I keep it very, very real.  

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