Beasts of the Southern Wild

[INTERVIEW] The Rising Stars of “The Beasts of The Southern Wild”

First time actors are the main stars of this highly anticipated film

by Sergio Mims, June 28, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Stars of The Beasts of the Southern Wild

say it, he would want it to be said the way we would say it. Just like me and you right now. We’re talking everything is coming out so natural because I’m talking to you in my words or Quvenzhane’s words. But with me reading off a script lines that somebody else would want me to say, you would see that in the film. So he would delete certain things in the script and asked us:  “How would you say this or how would you do this?” And then he would go and rewrite that scene so that we felt comfortable in the way we would do it naturally.

EBONY:  Did you make up lines in the film?

WALLIS: I was able to highlight and correct some misspells. Mr. Zeitlin types really fast so sometimes he misspells he puts a triple “E” or an extra “C” so I would just cross out all that and change it.

HENRY: We did a lot, a lot of improvising, The way Benh likes to direct, he wants it to be as real and natural as possible.

EBONY: You think you want to continue acting? But you can’t give up your businesses and the bakery all that you worked so hard to build.

HENRY: I think I can do them both, being a restaurateur and acting. There are so many films being shot in Louisiana right now, but my businesses, that’s my foundation for my children. That’s something I’m building that I’m going to pass on to my kids, because they are the most important people in the world to me. I can’t pass on an acting career to my kids. But I’m going to try to juggle both. But I’m not going to Hollywood. I’m not the Hollywood type of person. No matter what’s offered to me, I would never in a million years be the big headed Hollywood type. It would have to come to me before I come to it.

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