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Isaiah Washington’s Right to Go Left [INTERVIEW]

The formerly embattled actor stars as D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad in the career-resurrecting ‘Blue Caprice’

Brooke Obie

by Brooke Obie, September 17, 2013

isaiah washington

Isaiah Washington back on the rise

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come back into the community while suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a place where they were supposed to be rehabilitated. It looks like The Corner, it looks like The Wire, but it’s full of compassion and love, because it’s written by an African-American woman. I’m all about that project right now.

EBONY: You’ve said that some of these artists, and even your involvement in Blue Caprice, you got through Facebook?

IW: Yep! Facebook’s been my agent, girl! [When you’re feeling like people are out to get you,] someone told me, “Take your ass to Facebook! There are people out there who love you and want to give you money.” ’Cause I can’t give them another headline. I can’t afford to go crazy. I can’t afford to be the homophobic train wreck that they said I am or I was, it’s a lie. Please. They’re feeling me now.

But all it did was just make me go back to the lab, figure out the mistakes I’ve made, heal myself, know that I have to grow up a little bit more, can’t make that mistake again. I didn’t know I was as big as I was. But now that I know and the rest of the world knows I am, I’m going to give you something so the rest of the world knows. I’m a human being first and foremost, and I have something to say that I think is worthwhile. Blue Caprice is just the second installment of so much more coming.

I just got involved with a script by R. Preston Clark called God Gave Us Tomorrow, which I am convinced will be Love Jones, part two.

EBONY: How so?

IW: This is a leak for you! It’s updated, set in Chicago, which now, it’s different. Motherf*ckers are running around about getting shot and heroin addicts and all of that serves as the backdrop, but the love, the love is still there. I can’t let that go. I don’t care what you say, even when you were mad at me. ’Cause you were mad at me too, look at your mouth! “Messed up my show [Grey’s Anatomy]!” Look at you! [Laughs]

EBONY: It meant something to have a Black male doctor that people came from all over the world to be treated by.

IW: And we take that personal. Just like when John Allen Mohammed turned out to be Black. We were mad! When a person in our community is knocked off, we all feel it. Because we know how hard it is to make a name for ourselves. And we never got our 40 acres and a mule. But I don’t need that anymore. I closed the door on that. I’ve got citizenship. [Pulls out two different passports and puts them on the table.] I’ve got 6,000 acres and some goats over in Africa. So it’s not arrogance that you see, it’s the fact that I know I have the support of an entire African nation behind me. Because they showed me love over there over the past six years when I showed them love and nobody here wanted to show me love. So I’m good. They said, “I’m giving you this citizenship, I’m giving you this power so that you’ll never be touched like that [in America] again.”

EBONY: Wow. So during your time in Africa, what were the changes you made? How did you grow?

IW: The whole time I was on Grey’s, I’m still reconciling myself to my 11-year-old son, because he never saw me during that time. By the time he got up, he’d see a dent in his pillow, but by the time I got home, he was already asleep. So for three years, he had a daddy that he never saw because I had to work. So I’m still working on my son because he’s hurt. Now that I’m off the show, I can pick him up from school and he’d be crying and I’d ask what’s wrong and he said, “I’ve been telling them for years I had a daddy.”

Here I am on the number one show in America, all the money I’m comfortable with, put my kids in private school, and it all comes back to he just needs his daddy to be there. And I wasn’t. That’s not ever going to happen again. I’ve got to be a better husband, and I damn sure have to be a better father to my children.


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