Jenifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis Talks Black Hollywood Motherhood

Cast as mom after mom in Black Hollywood productions (‘Baggage Claim’ the latest), the 56-year-old actor explains why it never gets old

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, September 24, 2013

Jenifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis as mama Catherine Moore in Baggage Claim

time doing it, so I’m not afraid anymore of the whole [fear of] “will I work again?” or any of the things we worry about when we’re young in this business. So I can say anything I feel like saying, you understand? And I say it without fear.

EBONY: How soon might your memoir be hitting bookshelves?

JL: We’re just starting to write it, so I would say in a couple of years it’ll be out. Maybe sooner, I don’t know. But you know I’m gonna show out, right? And not one name will be changed to protect the guilty, I assure you.

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