Jeremy Lin: Over-Coverage is all About Race

Jeremy Lin: Over-Coverage is all About Race

The media’s over-coverage of Jeremy Lin only leads to more coverage which leads to more coverage...

Chris Wilder

by Chris Wilder, February 20, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Over-Coverage is all About Race

a lifetime. Didn’t Kobe drop 81 on the Raptors one night?

THE NBA is one of those rare institutions where Black people are considered in the majority. No one looks twice when a Black player has double-digit assists or hits a game-winner at the buzzer, or hits a three-pointer and opens his mouth to reveal a Now and Later-stained tongue; but, for Jeremy Lin all of these things are treated as minor miracles. Much of the coverage about Lin calls out others for racist remarks and images, while these same sportswriters, in all their Linsanity, fail to realize that the fact that they are covering him as much as they are, is in itself, feeding the racist machine.

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