Kanye Allegedly Fires Driver

Kanye Allegedly Fires Driver

The rap superstar apparently had to wait too long for food

by #teamEBONY, February 21, 2012

Kanye Allegedly Fires Driver

We get it, celebrities have their eccentricities. But when Chicago's own, Kanye West, was in London this weekend to record tracks and see couture lines, he was accused of the ultimate divo move. It was alleged that after waiting two hours for his driver to bring him carryout from Selfridge's, a high-end retail store, he fired him. The source said West didn't consider London's horrible traffic, was furious and, of course, hungry after the wait. 

The producer/rapper's camp rushed to quell rumors by stating that the allegations were a "complete fabrication" and all of West's drivers are "happily employed." But one can't help but reflect on the many incidents of West's over-the-top nature; it's even been reported that he has a clause for his employees to not wear polyester. 

Does this sound like a complete fabrication or possibly true? And, after two hours, can we be mad at him for being angry about his food? 

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