Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson Removed from Guardianship

An L.A. judge appointed Tito Jackson's son TJ to become the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids

by #teamEBONY, July 25, 2012

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson has been temporarily stripped of her guardianship over Michael Jackson's three kids, with temporary custody going to Tito Jackson's son TJ.

Judge Mitch Beckloff advised TJ and his lawyer, Charles Shultz, to seek a permanent guardianship, after hearing stories that Katherine may have been held against her will "from third parties." The third parties in question are allegedly Randy, Janet, Jermaine, and Rebbie Jackson

The judge said Katherine was not suspended for wrongdoing, but that she was prevented from doing her guardianship by the third parties.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, says he would vigorously oppose any move to permanently strip Katherine of her guardianship duties.

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