Kem Croons for the Lovelorn of Atlanta

Kem Croons for the Lovelorn of Atlanta

Previewing his fourth album, ‘Promise to Love,’ the Grammy-nominated soul singer delights a TV One audience live in concert

by Aisha I. Jefferson, August 28, 2014

Kem Croons for the Lovelorn of Atlanta

Wow! Yep, that pretty much sums up my reaction after witnessing the magic, yes, magic, that R&B recording artist Kem showcased at TV One’s Hello Beautiful Interludes Live in Atlanta last week.

This crooner, who host Smokey Fontaine dubs the “Captain of R&B,” had ATL on its feet and clinging to every love-drenched lyric that fell from his mouth. He performed some of his popular hits like “Share My World” and “Love Calls.” I could barely contain myself when he performed “You’re on My Mind.”

But when he walked through the audience, singing his new single, “Promise to Love,” I spotted a woman so overcome with emotion that she was crying. It was very touching. I just love intimate sets like this where the artist can relax and be themselves, and even discuss their past struggles. In Kem’s case, he offered a sort of testimony about the challenges he had with drug and alcohol addiction and being homeless.

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