Kerry Washington Laughs with Her âPeeplesâ<br />

Kerry Washington Laughs with Her ‘Peeples’

The ‘Scandal’ starlet takes a break from the drama, flaunting her funny bone in a Tyler Perry-produced comedy

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, May 01, 2013

Kerry Washington Laughs with Her âPeeplesâ<br />

can’t believe that you’re such a goofball! I think of you as such a serious actress. You should be doing comedy!” And I said, “Funny you should mention that. There is this script you should read.” Paul Hall, who was a producer on For Colored Girls, was also a producing Peeples. So Paul gave Tyler the script and Tyler said, “I want to be on board.”

I think it’s so awesome that at this point in Tyler’s career, he has so much power and influence that he’s using that to shine a light on other filmmakers like Tina [Gordon Chism], who’s such a great writer/director. So he signed on for Tyler Perry Studios to back the film. I definitely needed a comedy after For Colored Girls.

EBONY: And this is a different look for you. It’s funny. You get to have silly moments.

KW: I’m really excited about the movie because I feel like there’s so much going on in the world right now, and we can use a good laugh. The feedback that we’re getting is, people leave the theater feeling so good about life, love and family. The message of the film is really about being yourself and loving other people for who they really are, and those are two things that I feel really good about standing behind.

EBONY: How do you set new goals? What do you do to outdo yourself?

KW: I was never a competitive person; like I was never really into team sports. The only sport I did in high school was swimming, which is a sport that you’re only really competing with yourself. You’re trying to beat your own time. If you start thinking about anybody else’s lane, you will really slow down. I think I try to be that way in my career also. I really try to stay in my lane and focus on myself and let my curiosity inform me. It’s not really about the next thing I want to achieve. I try to let my curiosity lead me toward rich life experiences.

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