Kimberly Elise Sets It Off on âHit the Floorâ<br />

Kimberly Elise Sets It Off on ‘Hit the Floor’

The ‘Beloved’/‘Set It Off’ actress discusses comedy vs. drama, and her new VH1 series

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, May 28, 2013

Kimberly Elise Sets It Off on âHit the Floorâ<br />

when I was doing onstage, it was all comedy as well. Beloved was the first time I really did drama, and that was something that I really liked, and I just kept going in that direction.

Now I would really love the opportunity to explore more of what I do, because I do do it all, and that’s something that this has afforded me. I know it will continue to come, and I’m excited about that. I think partly people don’t think I want to. Like, I was talking to someone who does makeup for Kevin Hart. I said I’d love to work with him, and she was like, “Really? I think he’d be shocked. I didn’t even think he’d realize that you would want to do!” I think that that’s something that happens a lot: they think that I wouldn’t even want to and I’m like, “funny is genius!” I want to be a part of anything that’s genius.

EBONY: Is comedy hard for you or is drama harder?

KE: I think they’re both very natural and comfortable for me. It all happens in life, and if I just do what is real, it’s not hard. You know?

EBONY: Will we get to see you dance?

KE: You have to stay tuned! It is a common question to ask me that, but you just have to wait and see. I do have a dance background. I will say that. I danced in my teens, I trained up to a certain point and then stopped. And so it’s kind of been cool to have this dance project come into my life. Get ready for your next addiction! You’ve been given fair warning.

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