Lil Reese and Big Russ

Lil Reese and Big Russ=
Major Problems

[OPINION] Sil Lai Abrams says that the Def Jam founder's comments about a young rapper's brutal assault on a woman just aren't enough

Sil Lai Abrams

by Sil Lai Abrams, November 01, 2012

Lil Reese and Big Russ

Lil Reese and Big Russ

one other than a half-hearted blog post that says little more than “Lil Reese did bad. Domestic violence is bad. Stars must use their platform for good. I’ll support him privately and use this situation as an opportunity to make myself look good.”

Women beaters should not be tacitly endorsed for their behavior by being able to keep lucrative record contracts that allow them to sling their violent messages to the masses.  If Uncle Russy really wants to take stand on the issue of violence against women, then as the founder of the label that Lil’ Reese is currently signed he should pressure the current owners of Def Jam to drop Lil’ Reese as an artist.  In the immortal words of one of Russell’s former artists, Big Daddy Kane, “Ain’t No Half-Steppin” on the issue of violence against women.

Go hard or go home.

Sil Lai Abrams is a writer, inspirational speaker, anti-domestic violence activist,’s relationship expert, and founder of   You can follow her on Twitter: @sil_lai and connect with her on Facebook. Want her advice? Email to have your love questions answered in a future column!

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