'Run and Shoot Film Festival' Creators Speak

Floyd A. B. Rance III and Stephanie Tavares-Rance.

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called "The A List." We are still debating on where it is going to be. And that will be the big splashy one. But I like it this size, I think people can talk and network more and Floyd and I have always stuck with the credo that we are not a celebrity-based film festival. If Denzel Washington has a film or his son did a film, you are going to see his film and you are not going to see someone else’s film. It is all about the independent filmmakers and I want people to support independent film because the films are amazing and these filmmakers are so talented. If there is a celebrity who has a film in the festival, we will accept it and that’s fine but I’m not just going to call whomever to walk up and down Circuit Avenue. It's unnecessary.